Grundig p37 549 12 схема

grundig p37 549 12 схема
The data provided is believed to be accurate and applicable to the unit(s) indicated on the cover. Modifications are, therefore, inevitable and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation to retrofit. The paper finally recommends concrete changes to TRIPS in the form of mandatory rules which prevent abuse in licensing contracts and a rule which makes it possible to gain access to IPR which is indispensable for competition. Discharge any static electricity your body may have accumulated by grounding yourself to the ground buss in the unit (heavy gauge black wires connect to this buss). IMPORTANT: Turn the unit OFF during disassembly and part replacement.

Keywords: Intellectual property law, competition law, trips, Intellectual Property in Transistion JEL Classification: K21, K11 Suggested Citation Schovsbo, Jens, Fire and Water Make Steam: Redefining the Role of Competition Law in TRIPS (February 7, 2009). Available at SSRN: or. For return to the initial display, press the «PROGRAM «key again. The few rules in the Treaty which deals with competition law and the role of competition as a balancing instrument to IPR are weak and imprecise. The center channel signal is reduced by 3 dB and mixed into MAIN L/R. LFE/B:MAIN : Mode in which subwoofer speaker is not used. The LFE channel signal is reduced by 4.5 dB and mixed into MAIN L/R. But because of the phase difference, the MAIN L/R output is not simply summed.

Note) For the voltages of the power and DC protection functions, see the diagnosis main menu No. 9, which will be described later. Should any discrepancy appear to exist, please contact the distributor’s Service Division. WARNING: Static discharges can destroy expensive components. Manufactured under license from Digital Theater Systems, Inc. US Pat. No. 5,451,942 and other worldwide patents issued and pending. «DTS», «DTS Digital Surround», are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. The L/R signals bypass the digital circuit and are output to the MAIN L/R. 12 DSP-A5 No.5 SPEAKERS SET The input is automatically discriminated by signal detection and switched with priorities Coaxial>Optical>Analog. Maximally the mword-DMA2 or one of the lower PIO modes could.a BIOS, with which one drive assembly geometry still manually to adjust can. The L/R signals are output to channels specified by the sub-menu without being processed.

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