Схема tektronics-2213

схема tektronics-2213
Finally, install the diode, transistor, and IC4. You are now ready to test the synthesizer. Manufacturers of consumer-electronics products have not been con- cerned with compatibility for many years. Thus, virtually every brand is offering dealers bargains, which largely are being passed on to consumers. Mail orders to: Communications Electron- icsr Box 1002, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 U. S. A. Add $7 .00 per scanner for U.P.S. ground shipping and handling in the continental U.S.A. If you have a Visa or Master Card, you may call and place a credit card order. From 500 kHz bandwidth all the way to 400 MHz. In 1988, prices started at about $2000, and went to $12,000+ for the 2467 with MCP CRT, all with 2 to 4 channels.

The only knobs on the Pocket-O-Scope are for positive and negative sensitivity and for coarse and fine synchronization of the frequency of the incoming signal- The easiest to use, full capability scope available! And with our new model MX5000, there’s even more. UNIQUE CAPABILITIES Introducing the all new Regency MX5000, a 20 channel, no-crystal scanner that receives continuously from 25 MHz to 550 MHz. That’s right! Note that the jacks used depend on your power source and RF connections, (We used a 14-Inch jack and F-type connectors.) CO O Z o DC h- O LU I UJ g < DC 50 soldered on both sides. The so- lar paddles will be directed auto- matically toward the sun at all times. Send me my FREE CIE school catalog — including details about the Associate Degree program — plus my FREE package of home study information.
One meth- od of power generation that has received quite a bit of attention is MHD. This month, we’ll show you the theory behind that technique and build a working model of an MHD generator. The ROM set specified in the Parts List is programmed with a vocabulary (see Table I) consisting of 136 words, one complete phrase, two tones, and five different silence durations. The 9- volts is used by the SPC and the audio amplifier. Not surprisingly, it is from Tektronix, the world’s largest and most respected scope manufacturer, and a legend for instrument relia- bility and value. Opportunities and salaries can go nowhere but up and up.

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