Схема кодак easy share m340

схема кодак easy share m340
Here the auxiliary board carrying the CCD has been swung out of position. They are pricier than ordinary metal files but suited to glass filing whereas metal files are not. If you do not have access to such a file, a fine sharpening stone may be used. You can quite easily do this by putting the two pieces next to one another and “eyeballing” them for a fit.

These channels happen to be colored red, green, and blue to coincide with the primary colors used for visible light photography. The lenses in the cameras we use here were not designed for the long wave lengths we are using them at. Pieter has previously been involved in product development and systems engineering. He loves to modify utility products, enhance their features and develop basic logistical support systems for them.

One of the first photos taken with the modified CX6230. The purple hue is not a problem at all. You will most likely need a set of jeweler’s screwdrivers for the job. With the two pieces in contact with one another, your eye will easily tell you when the new piece of glass is the same size and shape as the original element.

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